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College graduates (22%) and users over age 50 (22%) were more likely than others to engage in this type of activity.Fewer of those new to the Internet use e-mail as a means of political communication compared to those who have been online more than three years.This level of online use has remained fairly stable across six studies completed by the Center this year.Compared to the general public, consumers of online news are younger, more educated, wealthier, and more likely to be male.About 12% of Americans go online to get information on current events, public issues and politics.On average, one third of these said they go online for news as many as three days a week.This latter group of regular online news seekers are more likely to be heavier consumers of traditional media sources.They are more likely than other online users to read a newspaper regularly and to have spent more than half an hour doing so yesterday, and are more likely to have watched the news on television.

Online users are somewhat more likely than the general public to have listened to radio news yesterday (52% vs. Among online users, news seeking is a popular activity.Technology Most Popular Topic The most popular topics for online news consumers are those which reflect the Internet’s traditional strengths: technology, and science and health.Almost half (46%) of online users said they sometimes look for news about technology.Election news consumers tend to be more well educated, more affluent and slightly younger than the public as a whole. Among online users in the current survey, 22% said they went online for election news, about half of these at least one day a week.However, the market for election news online was substantially smaller than that for subjects like technology, science, business, and even entertainment.

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