Dating of burrows cave

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► This new set of dates makes Kebara Cave the earliest evidence of MP-UP transition.► Interdisciplinary and new field excavation methods secure the contexts in Kebara.From this study it is proposed that the MP-UP transition for this site can be placed immediately after 45,200 ± 700 ► Kebara Cave has remains from the Middle to Upper Paleolithic (MP-UP) transition.► MP-UP transition is the last migration of Modern Humans from Africa into Eurasia.

We applied zooarchaeology by mass spectrometry (Zoo MS) to find additional hominin remains.The Egyptian Shrine was in the first cross Tunnel in the Tunnel which was in the exacatly the same location that the Shrines were in the Valley of the Kings Tunnel Cities were Egyptian Kings lived, before the Kings of Ancient Egypt begain to build Pyramids and above gound Cities in Egypt.These Metal Smelters and Furnaces are located on the Second Plataeu of the Grand Canyon and there are several Mining Tunnels and Egyptian Tunnel Cities in the Cliff Walls of Second level Grand Canyon Plataue.Here we report a consistent set of stratified radiocarbon ages on freshly excavated charcoal from Kebara Cave, Mt.Carmel (Israel), that span the late Middle Paleolithic (MP) and Early Upper Paleolithic (EUP) This study applied novel strategies to improve sample preparation techniques and data analysis to obtain high-resolution radiocarbon models.

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