Enfp and infp dating

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The General Occupational Themes, Basic Interest Scales, Occupational Scales, and Personal Style Scales from the Strong Interest Inventory® Profile are used in conjunction with your four-letter MBTI personality type, defined by the following categories: The Strong Interest Inventory will measure your interests and preferences against those of people similar to you who find happiness and satisfaction in their careers.You’ll receive a list of occupations that would work with your Strong Interest Inventory preferences and MBTI personality type, along with associated tasks and certain knowledge or techniques pertinent to success in each occupation.And she was defensive and shut down and I said, “We can’t get anything done if you are defensive and shut down. ” She said she felt stupid for marrying someone like her husband and she hates having to tell people.She is having the classic INFJ problem: she judges everyone else so she assumes they judge her.It breaks down your preferences and inclinations into six General Occupational Themes, which give a broad record of what sorts of jobs you would enjoy.It discusses 30 Basic Interest Scales that cover both job and leisure activity interests, then delves deeper by describing 130 Occupational Scales that are created by comparing your results to others with similar interests who have shown high rates of happiness and longevity in their careers.Sign up now Melissa and I have a love/hate relationship with INFJs. And we are not judgy because we are too uncaring to be judgy.

An INTJ wouldn’t summarize their age like that.” She told me about her divorce.Use these reports to find a fulfilling career that matches with your personality and interests, and develop a plan for achieving that career.Set yourself up on the path to a career that fits with your MBTI® personality type as well as your interests and preferences.Annie sent the lists to me so I could share it with other INFJs. At first it was just funny to see her curating conversation everyday and assiduously moderating her group.But I started to notice she wasn’t moderating so much as kicking out the INFJs who mistyped themselves. But we love Annie, and we want her to have a group. And so do the thousands of other INFJs I’ve talked to.

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