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The Transaction History can also be accessed via the Transactions app in the Web Dashboard.

Why do I only see the last seven days of…Multiple User FAQs What do I do if I am not the user the app is “Welcoming Back”?

Clover allows you to set up two-factor authentication so that…Your Internet connection Internet is required to activate your Clover device.

You proceed to refund the transaction, but it is considered a reversal since the original sale did not yet settle.…PCI dictates that PIN-entry devices need to detect if they have been tampered, and if so, lock the ability to take PIN-entry transactions.You can find the Clover Customer Support number by logging into your merchant dashboard.It is displayed at the top right corner of the…Securing your and your customers’ data is Clover’s top concern.Clover has gone the extra mile to show you that our advanced solutions are among the most secure in the industry.Our Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, and Clover Flex P2PE (point-to-point encryption) solution has been validated as a PCI Security Standards Council solution.

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