Suju sungmin dating websites

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She’s a fellow entertainer as well but active in musical theater, which is where the couple met while performing on the stage for the recent Korean revival of The Three Musketeers.

The couple will be tying the knot on December 13th which of course leads to the inevitable questions of whether it’s a shotgun marriage or not.

The answer is that it’s none of our business so congrats to the happy couple!

It was a pretty hectic news day when the rumors first surfaced including the inevitable is “checking on it” with Sungmin while Kim Sa Eun’s agency actually denied it at first.

His alcohol level was over the legal percentage of 0.5%, and the idol had openly confessed to his crimes.

The CCTV footage was later released through various news reports, showing proof of Kang In’s SUV crashing into the street lamp and then driving away.

There is nothing specific mentioned about the comeback yet, but, it’s clear that there will be a controversy of Sung Min joining, and the company has to do something about it.Soon after, Kang In had taken a long hiatus from the entertainment world.The first accident was somewhat swept under the rug after his fulfillment of active army duties while he was on hiatus.However, it was the year that Lee Teuk’s parent and his grand parent passed away.There was a lot going on with the group and the company.

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