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Egypt Becomes a Great Civilization All archaeological evidence points to Egypt as the second great civilization to appear.

Then at that time, in a sudden burst of progress, Egypt grew to become a second great civilization, a civilization patterned after the first.

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While there was a primitive culture in Egypt prior to the First Dynasty, the uniting of all of Egypt under Pharaoh Menes to form the First Dynasty was the signal for a major burst in the arts of civilization.

These dates are in almost exact agreement with the Biblical date for the Tower of Babel.

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Interestingly, the new civilization of Egypt beginning with the First Dynasty was patterned after the Babylonian (Mesopotamian) culture.

Thus, accord can be seen between the sacred and the secular records by this indirect evidence of the timetable of the civilizations of antiquity.

One might recall that Jacob came to Egypt with his sons including Levi, and that the Israelites went out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses and Aaron.

As has already been shown, the first great civilization of the world as revealed by secular evidence was that which sprang forth in the Mesopotamia Valley.

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